Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beauty Finds!

So I have been really inerested in all things makeup! I've been watching youtube vids about makeup tutorials and the ladies there are very talented. They definitely inspired to embark on this makeup journey.I am no where close to being a prfessional, this is strictly amateur LOL. But here are some things I picked up.

This paletre i LOVE already and i havent even used it yet! lol the colors are so pigmented and there are also 6 blushes included...i will swatch some colors soon to show how the colors appear on a darker skintone. I got this off of Amazon for around $18.00. =]

This palette is amazing. 100 eyeshadows colors, including shimmery, mattes, and satin finishes. it also include brights and neutral colors. I got this from and it was onlt $10.00!!! ONly downside with this is that the shadows are verrrry powdery. Some colors literally turn into dut once you dip your brush into it. But it's still a good buy none the less. I LOVE many affordable makeup supplies, I'm talking $1-$5!! Can't beat that!

This brush set was bomb! obviously I already usd it before I even took the pic LOL. But trhis thing come in handy. the bristles are all so soft and the fact that it came in this convienient case is a plus. Some of the brushes are a foundation brush, blender brush, fan brush, and powder bruch. I got this from for only $30!! That's a good deal condidering that a sinlge MAC brush may cost you around $24...

Part of my growing makeup collection.
Hopefully I won't get too crazy with it LOL

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